Specifically, the port reported that the weather conditions resulted to the flooding of crucial roadways to the port. Also, tenants have already stopped their operations voluntarily because of difficulty in conducting their work.

For the time being, vessel arrivals scheduled for the next two days had already been delayed because of conditions on Lake Michigan.

Concerning Great Lakes, the water levels have been at an all-time high for the vast majority of the previous year, which along with the high winds has enabled waves to wash over the break wall and dock walls around the port.

The port reported that at some parts of the Jones Island under the Hoan Bridge, floodwaters have reached a depth of three feet.

The staff of the port are all the time on site, taking measures to reduce damage and prepare for the resumption of operations.

Yet, the port highlighted in a statement that

It is not clear when the flooding will subside and normal operations at Port Milwaukee will resume.

Port Milwaukee staff is on-site, taking steps to reduce damage and prepare for the resumption of operations.

In the meantime, Port Director Adam Schlicht stated that this was an unexpected event for the port, adding that they keep in touch with the partners at the port, providing updates and planning the next steps.

Port Milwaukee staff and tenants will evaluate storm damage in the coming days. Initial inspections suggest the flooding impacts may be significant.


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