The singing ceremony was held on 23 February onboard Costa Smeralda, during the official presentation of the new flagship to the institution and the partners of Marseille.

Through their collaboration, both sides will tend their focus on the installation of a shore power system, enhancing cruise ships to connect the power grid in Marseille.

In fact, their ambition is to achieve the elimination of air emissions from moored cruise ships using greener and economically sustainable electricity.

The agreement we sign today is a further sign of our commitment to the Marseille community and of the strong cooperation we have built with the Port of Marseille. Together with our
partners and all stakeholders, we want to accelerate the search for and the implementation of concrete sustainable solutions in Marseille.

...said Michael Thamm Group CE and Costa Group and Carnival Asia.

Moreover, the study will explore the feasibility of a system at the port, which goals to allow the connection of two ships powered by renewable energy at the same time.

Through the research to be carried out within the framework of the study, we wish to implement a new dimension of our overall project of connecting passenger ships in the port of Marseille Fos, which will allow for the integration of additional locally produced renewable electricity generation on the port’s distribution grid.

...continued Hervé Martel, Port of Marseille Fos CEO.

PMM from its side, will conduct the study focused on the sustainable development of future cruise ship activities in Sud Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region and its first cruise harbor Marseille.