Specifically, Daniel Manduku, managing director of Kenya Ports Authority(KPA) quoted to Xinhua in Nairobi that the facility that was constructed by the China Communication Construction Company will receive its first ship from the Maersk Shipping line next month.

Moreover, the first berth has been already completed, whereas the other two berths will be finalised by the end of 2020. Also, the third berth will be adjusted to deal with crude oil exports from Kenya's northwest region.

The Managing Director further noted that the first three berths are to be government-funded, while another 29 berths should be developed under a public-private partnership model.

The Lamu Port will be a boost for the Port of Mombasa, easing the trade movement in and out of Kenya and its neighbours.

Concluding, in efforts of improving its shipping sector, Kenya maritime authority has proceeded to random ships inspections to deal with ship pollution.