In light of the situation, Port of Los Angeles Executive Director Gene Seroka, commented:

While our nation battles this global pandemic and the economic headwinds of these challenging times, there is a strong desire among many of us to look toward the future. That future focus is a constant here at the Port of Los Angeles. It has to be.

In fact, Port of Los Angeles aims that the investments will boost competitiveness, expand markets and generate more than 3.000 construction jobs.

At the same time, Gene Seroka informed that the port is collaborating closely with supply chain stakeholders on increasing exports out of the United States via Los Angeles and planning for increased trade with Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, Port of LA remains operational, as it has recently inked a deal with Honeywell International Inc. in order to manufacture 24 million N95 masks, supporting the region's personal protective equipment (PPE).