During the event opening, the EU Commissioner for Transport, Violeta Bulc, underlined European Commission’s plans to offer additional funds to ports who seek investments in applying technologies promoting alternative energy sources.

The elemed work on formulating an effective regulatory framework promoting electricity as marine fuel and available funding opportunities and schemes that could be valuable for attracting the necessary investments for ports were also presented by elemed project partners. Specific emphasis was given to Slovenia, focusing on the potential of exploiting marine renewables, as well as the outcomes of the technical studies, developed within the project framework, for the application of cold-ironing technologies at Port of Koper.

In early 2017, the Port of Koper also presented studies in the framework of the European project GAINN4MOS, exploring possibilities to refuel vessels with LNG.

“Slovenia has a clear vision to become one of the greenest countries in terms of transport by 2030”, stated Peter Gasperic, Slovenian Minister of Infrastructure.

The elemed project is a consortium of Cyprus, Greece and Slovenia, comprised by a team of experts, from the marine, engineering and academic sector. The project prepares the ground for the introduction of cold ironing, electric bunkering and hybrid ships across the Eastern Mediterranean Sea corridor, with the ultimate target of eliminating emissions and noise in ports and surrounding urban area. The project has been nominated for the 2018 GREEN4SEA Initiative Award.