The HHLA had a busy schedule until the end of September. The floating cranes project is one of the largest projects the past few years, measures in working days and revenue, as the Port comments.


For the expansion of the waiting area thirteen additional metal poles used to moor vessels, also known as pilings, are to be taken into the riverbed of the Elbe close to the Airbus plant. The used floating cranes “HHLA III” and “HHLA IV” tranship and transfer the pipes needed and heads for the pilings.

Dr. Thomas Koch, head of the floating cranes department, comments

We are delighted that we can make a contribution to the dredging of the Elbe with our floating cranes, thereby helping Hamburg get in shape for the ultra large ships.

He further adds that the contract presents the importance for Hamburg’s all-purpose port.

Concerning the project, the piles are up to 42 metres length and weigh max 108 tonnes. Also, a vessel departing from Swinemünde brought the piles to the port of Hamburg, whereas the floating cranes helped to unload them horizontally at the Rosshafen terminal, erected, and finally transported them individually to the construction site approximately nine kilometres away.

Concerning the operations of the Port of Hamburg, its H1 results showed a growth course, achieving a 4.1% advance to 69.4 million tons in seaborne cargo handling. The port's development is also boosted due to its China-relations, as Thomas Lütje, Marketing Director for Hamburger Hafen- und Logistik AG - HHLA reported that they have maintained close business links with Chinese companies for over 35 years.