After an 8-week journey on board "Zhen Hua 27", the container cranes finally arrive temporarily at Athabaskakai, where they will be prepared. After the complex unloading process, the three cranes will be transported to its final destination at berth 6 in the Waltershofer Hafen.

Chinese ZPMC company was the one constructing the three gantry cranes which will replace three smaller units at CTB that have already been dismantled.

As part of CTB's expansion programme, HHLA announced that they are expecting another two similar cranes delivery in the first quarter of 2020. In their investment plans, is also the constructing of a mega-ship berth in CBT. About € 1 billion will be invested throughout 2022, € 450 million of which will be spent to expand container handling.

By investing in five new container gantry cranes and creating another mega-ship berth, we are providing our shipping company customers with additional capacities and greater flexibility in handling ultra large container vessels with a transport capacity of more than 23,000 standard containers. stated by Jens Hansen, HHLA Executive Board member.

Based in last year Port of Hamburg's number of calls, boxships with a capacity of 18,000 TEU to 22,000 TEU , increased 47% to 150 calls. This continued until the first quarter of 2019, with the record increasing up to 40%.

For the moment, CBT has in action 30 container gantry cranes, which 18 of them are suitable for mega ships.