According to Port of Hamburg, operators at the CT terminal in Warstein marked a drop in their exports, while the train service to Hamburg has been set to only one departure per week. Although the forecast shows a slight increased trend.

At the same time, the container terminal at Dortmund noted a growth in bookings for imports and exports. Namely, Germany's producers announced a further increase in goods from calendar week 16 onwards.

The fact that shipping companies are positioning empty equipment to Dortmund is also a solid indicator. Thus, the first effects of the restarting industry in China are arriving in the Ruhr region. The train connection between Dortmund and Hamburg has been reduced to five departures, which are fully booked.

.... Port of Hamburg said.

Although CTS in Cologne provided a positive overview on imports, concerning exports is not so optimistic since several companies don't want to engage with the export market at this current stage.

As for Minden terminal, managed to record strong decline in bookings, while many major shippers have ceased production operations.

Moreover, the Port Hannover informed that is facing a rapidly declining industry but imports in hinterland traffic are reported to be performing well.

It can be said that there is a discreetly positive mood at the western terminal locations, with a pale light at the end of the tunnel. This relates mainly to the import route. The hinterland transport systems are running at a reduced level, but are very stable.

....Port of Hamburg concluded.