In late 2018, Port of Hamburg along with partners conducted a successful field testing of the 5G system in the port.

Today, the port aspires to improve the visitors' mobile connections in the terminals, and at the same time, the partners are trying to develop a suitable operating model for building indoor 5G coverage in Helsinki’s other passenger terminals.

Director, Mobile Solutions Eetu Prieur from Elisa commented

Helsinki’s West Terminal serves millions of passengers a year, and waiting for your ship to depart is more fun if you can watch TV shows or play games to pass the time.

In the meantime, the partners will gather passengers' feedback to better implement the new 5G service on their needs.


Up to now, many are the ports that are exploring or have implemented the 5G service in order to better facilitate their passengers, including Port of Hamburg, PSA International, and Guangzhou.

Helsinki’s West Harbour is Finland’s busiest passenger harbour with over 7 million annual passengers. It is used primarily for fast liner traffic to Estonia, serving passengers, passenger car traffic and goods traffic. The West Harbour also has a regular connection to St Petersburg.