At the same time, in June 2017, the Gdansk port achieved the highest monthly result in its history, handling over 3.6 million tonnes. 

General cargo remains the dominant group in the transshipment structure, bringing record results (+10.5% y/y) at the same time. The volume of container cargo, products from the "steel" group, and the number of commercial vehicles handled also increased.

"We are closing the first half of 2017 with a great degree of satisfaction. We owe the record mainly to the high level of container, general cargo, fuel and ro-ro transshipments. We can currently talk about a 3.6 percent increase compared to the 1st half of 2016" says President of the Board and General Manager of the Port of Gdansk Authority SA, Lukasz Greinke.

In total, in the 1st half of this year, the Port of Gdansk handled over 18.5 million tonnes. Although in some cargo groups, the result was lower than in the previous period, this was successfully made up for by other goods, including goods as significant as fuels.

In terms of structure, in June this year, dry cargo constituted 22%, liquid cargo 35%, and general cargo 43%. The number of passengers served by vessels at the port is also growing.

The Port of Gdansk is one of the largest and most important enterprises in Poland and one of the most thriving ports in the Baltic Sea.