Specifically, the basin has collected sand and silt up to a point where some slips were unusable for the commercial and recreational fleet as there were only accessible during high tide period.


We are currently working on a dredging project at the Port of Siuslaw with the state dredge, "The Laura" and her tender "Ms. Soco". Great to partner with both the Port of Siuslaw Florence Oregon and Business Oregon on this project.

...Port of Coos Bay noted.

It was further highlighted that the marina’s inadequate depth has resulted damage to dock infrastructure.

Dredging is of dire importance to Oregon’s public ports as drivers of economic development. This is a project that benefits our marina customers, the waterfront environment, and our entire community.

…said Port of Siuslaw Manager, David Huntington.

The dredging project alleviates the above-mentioned difficulties by removing about 12.000 cubic yards of sediment from the marina, allowing boats to navigate and enter slips safer and more efficient.

As the stewards of the state dredge it is important to us to ensure safe navigation throughout Oregon. I’m proud of the partnerships we have built and the work our team is doing to carry out the project thus far.

…added Brandon Collura, Charleston Marina Harbormaster.

Port of Coos Bay as stewards of the dredge equipment, took ownership of all maintenance and operation of the state dredger Laura and her tender Ms. Soco for each dredging project.

Through this acquisition, the state has helped low the cost of dredging in marinas for Oregon ports, while allowed smaller ports to stay safe and viable.