The passengers were safely disembarked from the vessel, but the reasons of the nearly sinking still remain unknown.

As the vessel's Captain Marcelo Adamoli reported, the incident of the ship's crash had already been overcome and the port continues its normal operations.


In order to prevent the ship's sink, the port authorities immediately provided their assistance and containment work was carried out to avoid bilge water from spilling, and hydrocarbon contamination.

For the records, Atlantic Express is berthed at Port of Colonia to be inspected. Following the inspection, the ship will be probably moved to Buenos Aires where a full damage assessment will be carried out and examined whether it could be operational again.

Overall, sinking incidents are a common seen phenomenon at sea. About a month ago, the U.S. Coast Guard launched a search for five fishermen after their boat, Scandies Rose, sank near Sutwik Island in Alaska.