It is not about being against cruises but against pollution by promoting boats respectful of the quality of the air, of the sea water, and of the seabed.

... said David Lisnard, Mayor of Cannes.

He continued that although the cruise sector is important, the protection of the environment is even more, that is why he plans from 2020 to impose standards of this cruise charter to the totality of the ships anchoring in the bay of Cannes.

Their refusal will imply their ban to land in Cannes.

According to the port's press release, the port launched four commitments that cruise ships should follow to protect the environment and the inhabitants of the bay of Cannes:

  1. Reduction of pollutant emissions in the air. To using 0.1% sulphur fuel as soon as they enter the mandatory pilotage zone and for the stopover at anchor; alternatively, to use a scrubber or any equivalent system.
  2. Reduction of pollution at sea.
    Cruise ships operating in the bay of Cannes commit to emit:
    a. Zero rejection of treated or untreated water in pilotage and berthing areas.
    b. Zero discharge of water from the open-loop scrubber system, if applicable.
  3. Protection of biodiversity.
    The cruise ships operating in the bay of Cannes commit:
    a. Bypass posidonia meadows during manoeuvers and anchoring.
    b. Observe the compulsory pilotage and anchorage area as directed by the pilot.
  4. Implementation of globalized environmental approach.
    The cruise ships operating in the bay of Cannes commit:
    a. To promote an environment- friendly approach to incoming agents and coach operators.
    b. To work with bus tour operators that use sustainable fuel sources of type « Euro6 » and if existing electric, gas or hybrid buses.To limit the discharge of pollutant emissions on the ground by asking the operators to start the engine only when passengers start entering the bus.

Based on a report launched in early 2019, a two-year study exposed extremely poor air quality, highlighting that quality on four cruise ships 'can be worse than some of the world’s most polluted cities including Beijing, China and Santiago, Chile'.

Whereas the President of the North Adriatic Sea Port Authority, Pino Musolino, recently sent a letter to key European ports to meet in Venice and discuss the economic and environmental impact of the cruise industry and to draw up guidelines for a new sustainable approach to maritime tourism.