Specifically, RN Dredging Pty Ltd, the Australian subsidiary of Rohde Nielsen A/S, has been awarded the dredging and construction project.

The company will collaborate with Queensland-based dredging company Hall Contracting for the Cairns project.


According to the dredging project, the inner harbour channel and Crystal swing basin will be widened and deepened. Also, an additional shipping swing basin, Smith’s Creek swing basin, will enable the future expansion of the HMAS Cairns Navy base.

The plan includes the upgrade of the existent shipping wharves.

After the project's completion, the port is expected to lure 103 cruise ships per year by 2031.

In addition, Curtis Pitt, speaker of the Queensland Parliament and Member for Mulgrave, noted that the tender will enable dredging of up to one million cubic meters of sediment from the port’s existing navigation channel and placing the material on two land sites.

Concluding, dredging is expected to occur over a 12-week period during the 2019 dry season, depending on the weather. The first larger cruise ship is expected to enter the upgraded channel in late 2019.