The shore power facility will be able to supply three cruise vessels with power simultaneously. The aim is for the facility to be ready at the beginning of the cruise season in 2020. In addition, a more limited facility that will serve one cruise vessel at a time will be ready by 2019. Now, vessels that dock at Port of Bergen emit large quantities of particles, NOX and CO2.


The shore power facility is estimated to cost around 120 million NOK. Port of Bergen will apply for funding for about 50 million NOK from Enova, a state owned grant scheme, as investment support. The remaining will be paid for by Port of Bergen and BKK. However, over time the industry itself will ultimately pay for the cost of establishing shore power.

Port Director Johnny Breivik stated:

The aim is for all vessels that dock at Port of Bergen to use renewable energy. For this to be a reality one has to make sure that shore power is the preferred alternative by the cruise lines.