Mainly, the amounts were revealed in the provisional transhipment figures.

Specifically, transhipmnet in IJmuiden increased by 1% to 18.6 million tonnes. In the meantime, Beverwijk experienced a decrease by 9% to 0.7 million tonnes. Additionally, Zaanstad was decreased by 30% to 0.2 million tonnes.

According to the port's statement, the record set was achieved with

  • 19% increase in the transhipment of agribulk to 8.4 million tonnes;
  • 68% growth in the transhipment of containers;
  • Transhipment of construction products also rose by 8% to 7.4 million tonnes;
  • Chemicals, liquid bulk cargo, increased by 23.7% to  2.7 million tonnes;
  • Dry bulk rose by 13% to 2.9 million tonnes;
  • Ro-ro and other breakbulk transhipment increased by 24% to 2.3 million tonnes.

On the contrary to the increases, oil products experienced a stabilization, whereas coal decreased.

Specifically, the overall fossil cargo decreased as coal fell by 18% to 13 million tonnes, and 2018 being the fourth year in a row to experience a coal-decrease. Also, the transhipment of oil products reached the 44.5 million tonnes.

Concerning imports and exports, the first reached the 50.6 million tonnes last year, whereas the second faced an increase by 3%, at 31,7 million tonnes.


Furthermore, as the port stated, an overall of 43 hectares of land was leased out to companies in 2018, compared to 18 hectares in 2017. Large parcels of land were leased to companies including Fetim, Commodity Centre Netherlands and Delin.

A number of new companies, such as Integrated Green Energy solutions (IGES) and Plastic Recycling Amsterdam (PRA), also opened locations on existing lots.

The above companies made the Port of Amsterdam to transform into a circular plastic hub, with PRA turning recyclable plastic into raw materials for new plastics and IGES converting non-recyclable plastics into marine fuel.

Concluding, Amsterdam received 180 sea cruise ships in 2018, including 117 cruise calls and 63 turnarounds, a record, as stated by the port. The number of sea cruise passengers remained approximately the same as the previous year at 425,600.

The number of cruise ship calls in IJmuiden totalled 30, compared to 23 in 2017. The number of river cruise ship calls amounted to 2007 on the contrary to 1876 in 2017.