In case that the virus presents in Netherlands, the Municipal Health Service (GGD) will monitor the affected patient and search with whom has been in contact, while monitor all contacts as well, in order to prevent the spread of the virus.

At the same time, the GGD doctors are well informed about the latest developments upon the disease and keep testing patients who suspect they might have the virus. In fact, this test can be requested by the GGD or at any hospital in the region. All GGDs and hospitals are aware of the protocols and know how to deal with a patient.

Port of Amsterdam reported that forced the "Procedure for handling reports of infectious diseases in the Havens Noordzeekanaal'', meaning that if a crewmember is found sick onboard, or at least there is a suspicion that is infected by the coronavirus, the captain or the agency must report it to the Harbor Master Division through a maritime health declaration (MDH).

For every passenger ship that makes an international voyage and calls at one of the ports on the North Sea Canal, the Harbor Master's Division actively asks for the submission of the maritime health declaration. Port of Amsterdam will contact the GGD in case of deviations from the maritime health declaration.

...Port of Amsterdam announced.

If a vessel with many passengers onboard, on which someone is reported to been infected, there is a possibility that it will be transferred to the Port of Rotterdam, as there are better facilities to deal with it.

Concluding, Port of Amsterdam is in regular contact with the doctors of the GGD and the national RIVM, as they informed that it is still not necessary to take any additional measures.