The facility loaded its first ISO container last September, thus starting the transshipment LNG installation for railroad tank cars and ISO containers.

2018 was a period of increased work for Polskie LNG, as there were positive results for the LNG terminal in Świnoujście and the implementation of the LNG Terminal Expansion Program. As part of the latter, Polskie LNG initiated two tender processes, the land part for regasification installation, third LNG tank and LNG transshipment system for rail, and the sea part for additional quay ship.

Namely, at the Świnoujście LNG Terminal in 2018, tasks were successfully carried out as part of the ongoing technological processes. Results achieved include:

  • Around 2 million tons, or 4.4 million m3 of liquefied natural gas, have been unloaded at the terminal;
  • 23 ships (14 in 2017) were accepted and unloaded with liquefied natural gas;
  • 1794 tank trucks (1523 in 2017) left Świnoujście. Polskie LNG also established its internal record of shipments in one day in 2018 - there were 24 of them;
  • Last year, in the terminal, the first loading of liquefied ISO-container, an increasingly popular and standardized form of LNG transport, was also carried out.


Polskie LNG is also able to expand its terminal, as it has obtained a set of environmental and location permits for all projects to be implemented under the LNG terminal program. Its two tender procedures for the expansion project contractors are in progress.

The first procedure embodies the construction of a third process storage tank, an additional process installations increasing the regasification capacity and the LNG-to-rail transshipment along with a railway siding. The offers are until February 19.

The second tender procedure contains the construction of an additional jetty. This project is implemented in collaboration with the Szczecin and Świnoujście Seaports Authority. The offers are until February 26.