Vessel fined $750 for spilling small amounts of paint into the harbour

Strict anti-pollution laws in Algeria saw an entered vessel fined for spilling small amounts of paint into the harbour.

Recently, an entered vessel which had called Ghazaouet, Algeria took the opportunity whilst alongside to touch up the paintwork of the outer hull.

However during the painting, the crew dropped a few spots of paint in the water. The Port state authority then proceeded to fine the vessel, citing pollution of the harbour waters.

(Photo credit: London P&I Club)

A fine of $750 was levied against the ship. Additional costs of court fees were also brought against the vessel.

The London P&I Club would remind Members of the need for ship's staff to take appropriate action to safe guard against incurring these fines.

Permission should always be sought from the port authority prior to carrying out all such activities. If there is any question that fines such as these may be imposed for such trivial offences the vessel should seek the advice of the vessels local agent or if necessary the Club's correspondent.

Source: London P&I Club