Specifically, that due to severe weather conditions, Golestan, Mazandaran and Khuzestan provinces were flooded this year; therefore, the areas received negative advertisements, discouraging people to visit the destinations.

Despite the negative advertisement, from March 16 to April 4 this year, marine trips grew by 9%, and 3.2 million people had sea trips during the mentioned period.

Mr Haghshenas noted that whether the recreational and accommodation facilities in the islands of Hormuz, Qeshm, Lark and Kish upgraded and increased, keeping in mind that travelling by boat is cheaper in comparison to the other means of transport, there would be a dramatic rise in the number of sea trips.

Mr Haghshenas highlighted

In case of an increase in the number of people travelling by sea, Ports and Maritime Organization will also provide more facilities to maritime travel and tourism. By increasing the number of traffic, the number of vessels and ships will be increased by the Ports and Maritime Organization, and Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of Iran will also consider more options in order to improve the accommodation conditions on the islands and encourage more people to consider marine trips.

Concluding, he noted that it's his priority to make ships and boats safer and more comfortable for maritime passengers, and to improve accommodation facilities on the islands.