Namely, pirates attacked Anuket Amber while it was bunkering BW Frigg in Congo, in a point where it is further south than where other piracy incidents have taken place.

BW Frigg managed to escape, but the pirates took the crew of the Anuket Amber as hostages.

Before this incident, armed pirates boarded and hijacked an offshore supply vessel, about 68 nautical miles west of Pointe Noire, Congo, on October 29, IMB reported. Four crewmembers were kidnapped, while one member is reportedly injured.

The Gulf of Guinea accounts for 57 of the 156 reported incidents. Most of these incidents have been reported in and around Nigeria (41), and there has also been a noticeable increase in the number of vessels boarded at the Takoradi anchorage, in Ghana.

In addition, 37 of the 39 crew kidnappings for ransom globally have taken place  in the Gulf of Guinea region, in seven separate incidents.