EMSA embarks on new pilot project under the framework of the Integrated Maritime Policy

2011.5.23- EMSA.pngThe support offered by SafeSeaNet is expected to grow as EMSA embarks on a new pilot project under the framework of the Integrated Maritime Policy.

Assisting other user communities and helping member States toshare reporting formalitiesinformation via a 'singlewindow' are the main prongsof this initiative.

While the first will be addressed in a study ,the second will involve the setting up of a 'demonstrator'.

As part of the demonstrator project, certain software and service components will be developed to simulate a National Single Window.

The aim of this single window will be to aidin the distribution of data to national authorities and in thesharing of information via SafeSeaNet's central system.

To gain experience, EMSA approached member States withknowledge of the National Single Window.

Finland, Norway,the Netherlands and Portugal together with the European Port Community Systems Association, EPCSA and the portauthority group, Protect, shared their valuable experiencewith EMSA.

The e-Freight and e-Mar project coordinatorswill also be consulted.

The demonstrator project will tes tdifferent National Single Window solutions and interfacesto help member States implement Directive 2010/65/EU

Source: EMSA