The pilot landed on the deck of the pilot boat and was injured. New York City Fire Department and Coast Guard assets rushed to the scene, while FDNY paramedics transferred to the pilot vessel to provide CPR.

The pilot vessel transited to Staten Island and the victim was transferred to Staten Island University North Hospital. However, he did not survive his injuries.

The U.S. Coast Guard has started an investigation into the cause of the casualty.

The fall was the second fatal pilot ladder accident involving a Sandy Hook pilot in eight months. Namely,on December 30, 2019, another marine pilot was involved in an incident while boarding the inbound container ship. He was injured as he fell from an accommodation ladder.

Pilot ladder accidents are not uncommon. In fact, in an attempt to address pilot transfer safety issues, SOLAS V Regulation 23 provides specific measures for pilot ladder arrangements and equipment. Nevertheless, many marine pilots report that these rules are not always followed.