Seafarers face many challenges when onboard, travelling for many days; The long time away from family and friends is amongst the most challenging situations they face. Höegh Autoliners are aware of the impacts distance has to seafarers. Thus, they have installed Internet for everyone onboard the vessels, enabling seafarers to be in touch with family and loved ones.

Moreover, the company notes that the importance of 'healthy body for a healthy mind'. Being physical active enables the seafarers to to improve; Yet, when onboard it is somewhat more challenging as there's the problem of the confined space. In addition, the vessel owner and crewing office must secure that there are activities available for physical and social activity.

Also, dealing with stress and fatigue can be also achieved through meditation, mindfulness exercises, having the proper rest during off hours, and keeping a healthy diet.

Dante Elpedes, Head of Höegh Fleet Services Philippines commented that

Working in shifts, it is imperative that seafarers ensure they make good use of their rest time. In Höegh Autoliners we follow the MLC requirements guaranteeing seafarers have a minimum of 10 hours rest time in any 24 hour period or 77 hours in any seven day period.

Concluding, in support of seafarers' wellness, the company notes that it educates its seafarers, most of the times, prior to embarking on an offshore career, about the challenges they are about to face and how to deal with them.

Höegh Autoliners encourages welfare and sporting activities on board as a tool for creating a positive environment onboard.

Whilst working irregular hours, it is also essential that we provide foods that are right for the start, middle and end of each working period. Eating provides both essential nutrition and can also be an important social activity. These aspects contribute to wellbeing as well as to physical health.