Mainly, the first vessel, Daniel K. Inouye, was delivered by PSI in October 2018 and is currently operated by Matson.

The second vessel, 'Kaimana Hila' is the 30th vessel to be built at Philly Shipyard, during the company's 20 years of operation.

Steinar Nerbovik, Philly Shipyard President and CEO highlighted

Today’s delivery marks the successful conclusion of the construction of the two largest container vessels ever built in the United States.

The newly built vessel measures 850 feet long, it is built with dual fuel engines that can use LNG and it is designed to operate at speeds in excess of 23 knots.

Matson noted in its statement that Kaimana Hila will sail from Philadelphia on April 5 and head to the West Coast via the Panama Canal, with scheduled to arrive at Matson’s Seattle Terminal on April 18.