Operated by Kebabangan Petroleum Operating Company (KPOC), Kebabangan field is the second location for PFLNG Satu after its operation in Kanowit field, Sarawak.

The introduction of the PFLNG Satu was achieved on May 4, 2019, through a 5-km flexible pipeline.


The commencement of a series of start-up activities included the cooling down of natural gas until the production of the first LNG drop on May 7, 2019, just 3 days after.

In light of the LNG drop, PETRONAS Vice President of LNG Asset Zakaria Kasah noted

This achievement showcases our focused execution and close collaboration efforts, within PETRONAS as well as externally with the State government and regulatory bodies. We not only prove our concept of relocatable floating LNG facility, but we have also seamlessly achieved the first LNG drop in just 3 days after first gas in.

Concluding, PETRONAS reported that the first LNG delivery is scheduled for June, 2019.