The people that signed the petition ask for the suspension of Carnival Corporation's cruise ship allowance in Glacier Bay National Park until the company installs third-party monitoring of water and air pollution on its ships and makes the data available to the public in real time.

In 2019, the National Park Service issued a mere $250 USD fine to Carnival Corporation for the dumping in Glacier Bay National Park, and the State of Alaska issued a $17,000 fine to the company.


It should be reminded that the Carnival Corporation had to pay $20 million under probation deal regarding its pollution. Concerning the five year probation, the company was accused of dumping grey water into Alaska’s Glacier Bay National Park, prepared ships in advance of court-ordered audits to avoid unfavourable findings, falsified records and dumped plastic garbage into the ocean.

Now, the petition calls on the National Park Service to suspend the concession contracts to allow Carnival Corporation to use the waters of Glacier Bay National Park for its profit, until it can prove that it can stop using the waters as a dumping ground for its sewage, greywater, and food waste, and start complying with both the terms of those contracts and the letter of the law.