Thus, there's no need for port forwarding or dynamic Domain Name System (DNS) to connect, and Networking Address Translation (NAT) and firewall scenarios to overcome.

The iLnkP2P is a software developed by China-based Shenzhen Yunni Technology. iLnkP2p is bundled with millions of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, including security cameras and Webcams, baby monitors, smart doorbells, and digital video recorders.

The security engineer, therefore, explains that there are two vulnerabilities that can be exploited if used simultaneously.

  1. CVE-2019-11219: An enumeration vulnerability in iLnkP2P that allows attackers to search for devices that are online.
  2. CVE-2019-11220: An authentication vulnerability that allows attackers to intercept connections to devices and perform intermediary attacks. An attacker could use this to steal and control the devices password.

Consequently, Paul Marrapese recommends users to:

  1. Purchase new equipment from a trusted vendor;
  2. Disable P2P functionality by blocking outbound traffic to UPD port 32100.