Specifically, Andrew Hemphill, Port Director, Peel Ports Clydeport talked about the advantages in the area, beginning from the combination of deep-water, extensive land area, to transport links. He continued that the area can change Scotland's prospects in various sectors, while in the meantime it can provide jobs, skills development, import and export opportunities for decades to come.


In the recent years, the Government has changed its energy policy in favour of renewable energy for a more sustainable future; This resulted to Hunterston Port’s role, as a major importer of coal previously burnt in Scottish power stations.

Additionally, Kenneth Gibson, MSP for Cunninghame North stated that

Developing the site is also a … chance for the region to lead the way with innovative and sustainable industries, potentially in the circular economy or renewable energy… I urge everyone with an interest in the health of North Ayrshire to read the masterplan and get involved in the debate.

Concluding, the details for the expansion of the area, are contained in a Master Plan, published on Thursday, 16 May, at the beginning of a six-week consultation process.