Specifically, PD Ports operates at thirteen locations across the country and owns Teesport, one of the busiest UK ports and an international gateway to the north of the UK.

The operator has described Teesport as "the Northern Gateway for international trade" adding that Teesport is the ideal option to acquire a Free Port status.

Also, Chief Operating Officer and Vice Chairman Jerry Hopkinson commented that

We welcome the fact that Government is demonstrating commitment to delivering Freeport status to sites across the UK and intend to remain at the forefront of that discussion.

Furthermore, Hopkinson highlighted that the proposed Free Port status will lead to many benefits for British ports and will help the industry improve.

We will continue to put a strong case to Government during the public consultation, working alongside key stakeholders, businesses along the River Tees, the North East England Chamber of Commerce and the Tees Valley Mayor to seize the opportunities that lie ahead for our region.

Overall, the announcement by the UK Government was launched in August 2018, during discussions about Brexit, revealing plans to create up to 10 free ports across the UK after Brexit, allowing firms to import goods and then re-export them outside normal tax and customs rules.