The cooperation aims to deliver a single, integrated solution to initiate future terminal automation projects, as well as optimize and/or automate existing terminal infrastructures and systems, providing faster pathways to improved productivity, safety and sustainability as a result.

With the global automated container terminal market expected to grow 25% by 2021, according to research from Technavio, there is a significant need to support terminals as they work to achieve excellence in various phases of automation, the parties announced.

Namely, the exploratory taskforce intends to comprehensively address the industry’s most complex automation readiness and optimization problems cost effectively, and with minimal risk.

“Partnering with joint taskforce members, supported by the China Communications Construction Company which has abundant terminal construction experience, as well as investment and financing platforms and the "Belt and Road Initiative", ZPMC, as the provider of Smart Terminal One-stop Solution, will help more operators achieve automation”, said Zhang Jian, VP of ZPMC. “On this basis, we will promote the intelligent development of the whole industry together.”