Specifically, the Greentown Launch program will improve offshore monitoring technologies focused on protecting marine mammals.

Moreover, the partners aim to improve the offshore wind energy and marine life value chains by providing the resources, training, and expert mentorship they need to advance their innovations.

The ten-month program will advance new venture creation and corporate partnerships with the industry’s clean-tech entrepreneurs, while also support early-stage startups developing technologies to boost the offshore wind energy sector.

In light of the collaboration Lars Pedersen, CEO of Vineyard Wind commented

Our company and dozens of others are poised to invest billions of dollars in construction and technology on projects that will only be improved by new marine data monitoring technologies.

Concluding, the request for proposals will be issued in March and the announcement of the chosen startup participants will take place in July.

Concerning Vineyard Wind, it was reported that the Vineyard Wind 1 Project will not be ready for operations in 2022, missing the target to send power to Massachussets.