WSM aspires to develop an efficient safety management system that will be defined by the following characteristics:

  • Autonomous operation;
  • Controlled remotely;
  • Vessels that are remotely supported.

In order to accomplish the safety management system, DNV GL and NMA collaborated to support WSM's ambition.

Moreover, the competence agreement with DNV GL and USN was powered to create competence solutions  required in a shore control center to manage and operate autonomous, remotely controlled and remotely supported vessels.

According to Carl Schou, President & CEO of WSM

Regulations governing autonomous shipping are still in their infancy ... From a ship manager’s perspective, this will be a game changer.

The development will be launched from the management centre, which is based in Lysaker, Norway.

As Haakon Lenz, Vice President for WSM Region Europe & Americas stated that

There will be an unprecedented reliance on machineries and systems working seamlessly together with utmost reliability. Decision making will be data driven and calculated with upmost precision. Having the right competencies skill sets, operational processes, vessel maintenance philosophy and culture in place will be critical to embracing this shift

Moreover, Marianne Valderhaug, Director of Operations in DNV GL highlighted that the effectiveness of management and operation of shipping companies and vessels is set to be a priority in the agenda. DNV GL supports the customers in profiting from this kind of opportunities. The solutions in the digital world and the developments that will take place in autonomy will help the maritime industry to develop and put into effect measures for a better function on board and ashore. DNV LG has as its priority to use the above opportunities with an effective management system, aiming to ensure the safety at the same or a higher level.

Finally, WSM expects to implement the SMS and obtain a certified document of compliance by the end of 2019.