According to findings from latest ExxonMobil survey, the majority of stakeholders do not believe the marine industry is ready for the 2020 sulphur cap implementation. Surely, operators need to consider the available options and work closely with trusted fuel and lubricant suppliers to make sure that come 2020 they can navigate the changes. At the same time, all industry bodies need to work hard to address future key challenges and shed light to gray areas that may inherent compliance once the legislation comes into place.

SAFETY4SEA seeks to collect essential data reflecting trends with respect to industry’s readiness to comply with the 0.5% sulphur cap.

If you are part of the industry please consider completing this short survey which should take less than ten minutes of your time. The questions of this survey aim to help us assess how maritime stakeholders realize the current and future fuel challenges and to address key focus areas. 

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Key points and data analysis will be presented at the 2018 GREEN4SEA Conference due on 7th of March.