Namely, the deficiencies identified relate to the following indications:

  • Not suitable for fire entry;
  • Not a fire entry suit; or
  • Outfit with buttons and or latches penetrating the suit and conducting heat to the wearer.

The subject firefighting outfits are mostly SOLAS- or Fire Safety Code-approved, but, according to the deficiency text, “may not provide the wearer sufficient thermal protection from the radiated heat if entering an enclosed space.

As explained, Code 17 deficiencies are issued when:

  • the targeted outfits are used during enclosed space firefighting drills,
  • the wearer is not aware of its limitations, or
  • the limitations are not indicated in the SOLAS training manual.

As such, the RMI advises that when the targeted firefighting outfits are the only ones available onboard, the fire teams should be aware of the outfit limitations.

The outfit limitations should be included in the ship specific training manual. PSC Officers issuing these deficiencies advise that “European Norm EN469” fire-fighting outfits are considered suitable to fight fires within enclosed spaces.