During the CIC, a total of 4,288 inspections were carried out involving 4,217 individual ships. The overall CIC detention rate per individual ship was 3.5%, with 146 ships being detained.

The CIC-topic detention rate was 1.1%, with 47 ships being detained. A total of 32.2% of the detentions were related to the CIC-topic. The overall number of CIC-topic related deficiencies reported per inspection was 1.1%.

Credit: Paris MoU

In addition, ships from 87 flag States were inspected during the CIC, of which 63 flag States (72.4%) did not have any CIC-topic related detentions. Of those that did, the highest number of ships detained were:

  • Panama (9);
  • Marshall Islands (4);
  • Russian Federation (4);
  • Togo (4).

The highest percentage of ships detained however were Albania (50%), followed by Egypt (25%), Ukraine (14.3%), and Togo (10.8%).

The total number of CIC-topic related deficiencies reported per inspection was 0.18.

Furthermore, regarding the ship types, Ro-Ro passenger ships had the highest CIC-topic related detention rate (5%), followed by commercial yachts (3%), general cargo/multipurpose (2.2%), and offshore supply (1.9%). A number of ship types had zero CIC-topic related detentions.


Moreover, ships from 43 Recognized Organizations (ROs) were inspected during the CIC. With respect to the CIC-topic related detentions, the RO with the highest number of ships detained was the International Registrar of Shipping (10), followed by Bureau Veritas (9) – together these two ROs account for 19 of 26 (73%) of all RO CIC-topic related detentions.

What is more, when asked whether the crew was familiar with the procedure of emergency operation of steering gear, 99.2% responded yes98.8% responded 'yes' when asked whether the ship’s Automated Identification System transmitted correct particulars.

The least favourable results came when asked whether the passage plan covered the whole voyage, with 3.7% responding no. Following, in the question whether the ECDIS had appropriate up-to-date electronic charts for the intended voyage and a suitable back-up arrangement, 2.4% responded no.

Credit: Paris MoU

The Report concludes by saying that:

CIC has provided sound evidence that the industry has achieved a good level of compliance with the specific provisions inspected during the CIC of SOLAS Chapter V requirements pertaining to safety of navigation.

Namely, the 1.2% rate for CIC-topic deficiency rates is overall satisfactory.

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