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WLPGA heralds LPG as an ideal propulsion fuel in the marine industry

With upcoming stricter IMO emission rules, amongst the options, LPG is one of the promising solutions, argues Mr. Nikos Xydas.

Cyber Security

Cyber security in the EU GDPR framework

The implementation of the GDPR from May 2018 comes with many challenges for all organizations as they will need to adopt new business practices, internal policies, technical and organizational measures.


Industry must adapt to new demands or 'we will get bitten badly'

Shipping industry needs to abandon old-fashioned structures and adapt to the realities of the modern world and the demands of the next generation, argued Frank Coles, CEO, Transas.

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Bunker Spills:A brief overview of cause, effect and prevention Mr. David Nichol,Thomas Miller examines what loss prevention measures can be implemented to combat bunker spills.

Hull coatings technologies
Dr. Ioannis Arabatzis, Nanophos, clarifies the misty landscape of underwater marine coatings, for non-chemists.

Lessons Learned


Helicopter pilot crashes off Port Hedland, Australia

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) received a report that a helicopter had crashed into the water about 35 kilometres north of Port Hedland in Western Australia, and is currently conducting a search in that area.

Loss Prevention

New potential refuges for ships identified in Haida Gwaii

The Haida Nation and Transport Canada have revised a regional plan to ensure that ships in need of assistance have a designated location to stabilize their condition and reduce the hazards to navigation, human life and the environment.


Japan Coast Guard pushes negligent homicide charges over US warship collision

The Japan Coast Guard has recommended negligent homicide charges for the USS Fitzgerald’s officer of the deck and the ACX Crystal’s second officer, following the fatal collision on 17 Jun 2017, which caused death of seven sailors.

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Green Shipping

First fully electric ferries to operate in Canada

The Government of Ontario has accepted Damen's proposal to build two ferries with full electric propulsion, to operate in the Canadian waters of the Great Lakes. The vessels will be the first fully electric, non-cable vessels in Canada.


First European IMO Tier III tugboat to be built

The first IMO Tier III certified tugboat, in Europe, is about to be constructed. Namely, Caterpillar Marine informed that Uzmar Workboat and Tug Factory will built the vessel.


More ice to enter in the North Atlantic Ocean

A recent research shows that more Arctic sea ice is entering the North Atlantic Ocean, increasing the risks for ships which sail in these areas in spring. The ice trapped many ships, even causing some to sink, as it damaged their hulls.




Netherlands gives the nod for a 700 MW non-subsidised wind farm

The Dutch government has awarded Swedish energy company Vattenfall the permit to build a 700 MW non-subsidised offshore wind farm, in the Netherlands, North Sea, which could produce renewable electricity for 1 to 1.5 million homes.


Likely Brexit deal looks like 'no deal' for ports, says BPA

BPA calls for a pragmatic deal with the EU on both customs and regulatory recognition, that allows both British and European businesses to get their goods across borders as quickly as possible.


Port of Long Beach handled more that 600,700 TEUs in February

Port of Long Beach reported a remarkable start to 2018 and significant traffic, more than 600,000 TEUs in February.