The collaboration between Oceaneering and Pacific Drilling aspires to make the “Rig of the Future” a reality. With better connectivity onboard Pacific Drilling’s vessels, data can be used to make better decisions.


Commenting on the agreement, Kelly McDowell, Oceaneering’s Global Data Solutions Director, said that this agreement will increase transparency as well as worker safety by maximizing efficiency.

Corey Thompson, CIO for Pacific Drilling, stated:

Applying best-in-class IT technologies and services to Pacific Drilling’s deepwater fleet helps ensure we continually deliver timely solutions to our customers’ toughest challenges ... This strategic investment quadruples our bandwidth conduit, lowers latency in decision-making, and accelerates our technology road map

Oceaneering will assume 100% accountability for network uptime and remote operations offshore.

The digital transformation will also allow Oceaneering to provide remote piloting and automated control technology through dedicated, onshore mission support centers currently in Stavanger and Houston, and future centers.