ONI - Gulf of Aden

2011.8.22-fire on ship.jpgPlease be advised that the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) has issued the following advisory:

"A merchant vessel reported coming under fire at 0541Z on 23 August in position of 1308N - 04911E approximately 100NM south of Mukalla, Yemen in the Gulf of Aden. This area will remain at high risk for the next 24-48 hours."

The Maritime Administrator would take this opportunity to again urge all vessels operating in the High Risk Area to actively implement recommended Best Management Practices for anti-piracy measures as follows:

  • Prepare the crew (refer to Marshall Islands MG-2-11-12);
  • Harden the ship before the ship enters the High Risk Area (HRA);
  • When entering the HRA from the direction of either the Suez Canal, the Arabian Gulf at 26N, the south at 15S or from the east at 78E: o Register the ship with the MSCHOA (http://www.mschoa.org /+44 (0) 1923 958545); o Report to the UKMTO (ukmto@eim.ae / +971 505 523 215); and
  • Continue to provide daily reports of ship's position, course, speed and estimated and actual arrival times to UKMTO while in the HRA.
  • Remember, the ship must be registered with the MSCHOA and report to the UKMTO with every intended transit of the HRA;
  • Consider participating in the SSRS service (http://ssrs.org);
  • Utilize the IRTC in the GoA;
  • For low and slow ships, join pre-scheduled military escorted convoys through the GoA;
  • Avoid navigating through the Mozambique Channel whenever possible;
  • Continue to maintain a heightened state of awareness;
  • Maintain strict 24 hour anti-piracy visual and radar watches at sea and in port anchorages; and
  • Report all attacks and suspicious sightings to the UKMTO, MARLO (+973-3940-1395), COMUSNAVCENT (+973-1785-3879) or IMB Piracy Reporting Centre (imbsecurity@icc-ccs.org, +603-2031-0014).

Source: ONI