According to Dryad Global, the Greek Flagged Bulk Carrier MV Scarabe was attacked. MDAT-GoG have reported that one speedboat with 7 attackers on board was in the vicinity of the vessel.

Moreover, two vessels were reported to being approached off Nigeria and Benin. The first incident took place on 25 March, while the second took place on 26 March.

Following the attack earlier today on the bulk carrier to the southeast of Agbami, it is possible that this is the same craft. The distance between the earlier attack and this sighting also fits

Dryad said.

As for the second incident, the vessel has reported being approached to within 2 cable lengths by a skiff containing 4 - 5 persons.

Until now in 2020 there have been three incidents in the waters South of Cotonou involving two boarding incidents and one kidnapping. The latest incident occurred 23nm South of this latest incident on 5th March 20 and involved the boarding of the Minerva Virgo by 5 - 6 persons.

This latest report is unusually close to the Cotonou Anchorage areas with the majority of reporting in this area occurring at a distance of 50 – 80nm. Within 2019 there were two incidents recorded within the Cotonou Anchorage areas.