This is ONE’s second delivery during 2019, and the 6th of a series of seven newbuilts 14,000 TEU magenta container ships, after ONE GRUS, which was delivered on 1st of February 2019.

Equipped with outstanding safety and environmentally-friendly capabilities such as structural arrest technology and highly efficient welding technology, ONE APUS employs a hull form with minimized engine-room space to improve cargo-loading efficiency

ONE stated.


ONE APUS is also equipped with the world's first 'dual rating system' technology in the main diesel engine. This enables flexibility in operations and enhances fuel efficiency to significantly reduce greenhouse gases. The Crack Arrest Technology is also used to improve structural safety.

What is more, with the Integrated Navigation System (INS), the navigation bridge consolidates functions of vessel systems to efficiently limit the workload of operators.

In addition, for safety improvement, a wide window is also adopted for widened visibility, helping the view of ship operators from the wing of the vessel's bridge when berthing and unberthing.