From the end of 2020 onwards, the EU-Ship Recycling Regulation requires that all EU-visiting or EU-flagged ships have a certified IHM onboard. With 30,000 to 40,000 ships being affected, IHM-Expert resources are expected to become scarce in the near future.

We have selected GSR Services and Korean Register (KR) as partners for efficient IHM-projects with a proper reputation for ensuring quality and timely compliance. This proactive approach ensures that our fleet is safe for our crew, will meet the EU-deadlines in a timely manner, and we will avoid penalties when visiting any EU-ports from 2021 onwards,

...Nils-Ole Vollmer, Junior Project Manager of the Oldendorff Carriers Fleet Projects Department commented.

Preparation of an Inventory of Hazardous Material (IHM) is also required by Hong Kong Convention, the IMO's treaty aiming to enhance safe and environmentally sound ship recycling globally.

As Mr. Henning Gramann, CEO at GSR Services GmbH, has already explained to SAFETY4SEA, the requirements for IHMs are identical for both regulatory frameworks, except that EU Ship Recycling Regulation requires an additional two hazardous substances to be investigated for the IHM.

My suggestion is that all ships follow the EU-requirements as it comes at a low additional cost and won´t create hassles in case of changing to an EU-flag in future.