This October, many are the shipping majors that highlight the urgency of the industry getting a better insight into cyber security and find additional solutions to deal with cyber attacks, either it is better training both for offshore and onshore personnel, either changing passwords, dealing with whaling or downloading viruses.

#USCG: Own IT. Secure IT. Protect IT#

USCG informs that the national theme for this month is 'Own IT. Secure IT. Protect IT', focusing on personal accountability and positive behavior when it comes to cyber security. The USCG provides its members and community with information, resources and best practices to help protect their environments.

#Collaboration is the key#

Mark Milford, Wartsila's Vice President, notes that collaboration is the key to deal with cyber attacks and be more resilient, given that no single entity can solve these types of threat alone. He added that people are both the solution and the problem to cyber security, as human error often leads to a cyber attack and also people are those who will deal with it as well.

However, in time of changes and developments, people today are getting a better knowledge on cyber security measures.

If you have a basic understanding of cyber hygiene then that covers both your social and work life.

3 basic steps for cyber security:

  1. Basic password management;
  2. understanding what the threat is;
  3. remaining vigilant.

#Regulations on cyber security#

Wartsila supports members, such as:

BIMCO's Guidelines on cyber security onboard ships which focus on three new areas: Safety Management System, OT risks and supply chain dangers.

ABS's first cyber security notations were published in 2017, and provided information on how to reduce the risk of cyber security-related conditions or incidents that could negatively affect operations, either onboard a vessel or onshore.

DNV GL and Stena Drilling issued cyber security notations that are able to identify cyber security levels for the main functions of a vessel, when operating or during its construction.

IMO MSC-FAL.1 approved guidelines on cyber risk management.

#Cyber awareness campaign#

In the meantime, ENISA and EC DG CONNECT, along with additional partners launched a campaign that will run on October, informing citizens on cyber threats and safety measures. The European Cybersecurity Month is a EU’s annual awareness campaign that takes place each October across Europe.