The aim of the work group in revising TMSA is to:

  • Reflect changes in legislation and best practice since its last publication.
  • Improve / Clarify. So that there is a more unified interpretation of the Key Performance
  • Indicators (KPI’s) and Best Practice Guidance (BPG).
  • Make TMSA usable across vessel and company types. TMSA is already used across industry, from small barge companies to the largest fleets.
  • Promote continuous improvement.

Main points to note in the revision:

  • Making it more user friendly and where possible able to be used globally through barges as well.
  • Will add in new Industry best practices and topics (BWM / Polar Code / MLC etc.) to the BPG.
  • Raising the bar. Some KPI’s have been moved from a higher to a lower level (4 to 3, 3 to 2 etc.). New KPI’s have been introduced.
  • New Security Element 13 is being added.

Source: OCIMF