The platform's structure is based on the ECDIS checklist provided by the Nautical Institute (NI). It includes 66 operations, which comprise 3,200 images and screenshots. What is more, signage and pop-up messages guide users to next steps. After that, a program can be presented on a tablet on board next to the ECDIS.


This digital platform is now being distributed to 200 NYK ships, and will also expand to ships managed by NYK. This is part of NYK's medium-term management plan 'Staying Ahead 2022 with Digitalization and Green'. In this plan, the NYK outlines efforts to advance digitalization, in order to achieve more efficient operations and create new value.

According to the company, today much time is needed for officers to become experts in ECDIS, as it can be very different from model to model. In fact, even new ECIDS versions are significantly different from older versions made by the same manufacturer. This creates many problems, while many steps can be required to complete a task. For this reason, officers need a lot of time to learn the use of ECDIS. Thus, iPlus ECDIS is a digital guidance to help operators improve how they use ECDIS.