Presenting these number during Nor-Shipping 2019, DNV GL indicated that 163 LNG ships are operating with 83 being on order. What is more, a total of 112 ships are LNG ready.


The number of LNG ready ships is expected to increase in 2020, reaching 123 vessels, with 163 operating and 83 being on order.

The number of LNG ships will in fact remain the same until 2026, but the LNG ready ships will increase to 141, with the orders gradually increasing every year, reaching 155 in 2026.

Car and passenger ferries will be using mostly LNG, as 43 are already in operation, followed by offshore supply ships with 22 and oil/chemical tankers with 18.


Currently a total of 2947 ships are equipped with scrubbers. This number will increase significantly in 2020, reaching 3502. After 2020, more increase in the use of scrubbers will be recorded, but with a more moderate pace.

Regarding the specific ship types, bulk carries have the most scrubbers with 1221. Second, by far, are container ships with 731, and then oil/chemical tankers with 484.