Within the working environment, the objective was to verify that the company’s management of working environment risk for its own employees and contractors was in compliance with the regulations.

After conducting the audit, non-conformities were identified relating to:

  1. Risk of noise-induced hearing damage;
  2. Risk of chemical exposure;
  3. Risk of musculoskeletal disorders;
  4. Time necessary for safety work;
  5. Access to offshore crane;
  6. Deck gratings in gangways and deck areas;
  7. Materials handling;
  8. Offshore cranes;
  9. Launching arrangements for Veslefrikk A;
  10. Maintenance of unsecured lifting equipment;
  11. Maintenance of guardrails;
  12. Performance of lifting operations.

The areas audited are where personnel regularly move, work and operate and handle heavy materials. Apart from the corroded gratings, the safety body found some handrails were 'temporarily' replaced by scaffolding which, interviews have revealed, has been in place for 'many years.'

In addition, the audit revealed that it was not sufficiently ensured that personnel was not exposed to carcinogen chemicals at Veslefrikk.

The Authority also concluded to the fact that some workers were exposed to noise levels that could result to damaged hearing.

Concluding, the Authority informed Equinor that it is to address how the non-conformities were managed until August 8, 2019.