The cruise ship marked an 84 in its inspection score, while the US CDC notes that inspections scores of 85 or lower are not satisfactory.

The inspection highlighted that, on 13 February, a food-worker experienced an onset of acute gastroenteritis (AGE) symptoms and immediately reported to medical just before midnight.

A nonfood-worker close contact was first interviewed within an hour of the crew member reporting.

The close contact was followed up again at 1030 on 14 February and 0936 on 15 February, which was approximately 34 hours after the ill crew member reported to medical.

As such, there was no 48 hour follow-up for the asymptomatic close contact, US CDC explained.

When any crew member (food or nonfood employee) meets the case definition for AGE, take the following actions for the asymptomatic cabin mates or immediate contacts of symptomatic crew: complete a verbal interview daily with medical or supervisory staff until 48 hours after the ill crew members' symptoms began. Document the date and time of verbal interviews,

...CDC recommended.

Other issues included sanitation in different galleys onboard, according to CDC.