After several tests conducted earlier this year, it appears that drones can be an effective help in tackling sulphur emissions from shipping.


This is the result that chief engineer Svein Erik Enge of the Norwegian Maritime Authority found. This project is being carried out in cooperation with the Coast Guard.

During the tests, which took place at the beginning of June, the Norwegian Maritime Authority focused the drones into checking the exhaust emissions from several ships in the area.

The drones then provided details of the sulphur content on a computer screen on board. The highest concentration was measured on the Portuguese cruise ship 'Astoria' when it was heading into the port of Bergen.

According to the exercise, the drones will never be closer to the vessel than 50 meters. If the measurements of the drone show that the exhaust, and thus the fuel, has a sulphur content more than the legal 0.1%, the Coast Guard will notify one of the inspectors on land. The inspector will then go on board and carry out oversight the next time the ship arrives.