This follows an agreement focused on green shipping between California and the Norwegian Maritime Authority.

Recently, California has welcomed Norway to the Under2 Coalition - the global pact of cities, states and countries dedicated to limiting the rise in global average temperature to -2 degrees Celsius.

As informed, Norway and California share the long-term goal of becoming low emission societies, both aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80% or more as compared to their 1990 levels by 2050. Broader and stronger international partnerships can promote climate action at larger scales with lower costs, provide a catalyst for necessary technology development, and create markets for new climate solutions.

“The agreement with California offers opportunities for Norway. We have a lot to contribute with when it comes to for instance green shipping, green data centres and climate-friendly production,” noted Mr Vidar Helgesen.

The agreement covers a wide range of environmental sustainability, such as tackling climate change, deforestation, zero emission transportation and climate friendly energy systems.

"Norway’s goal is that all new passenger cars and light vans sold in 2025 shall be zero emission vehicles. California’s goal is to have 1.5 million zero emission or near-zero emission vehicles in service by 2025. Through this leadership, Norway and California can serve as piloting experiences in advancing zero emission transport solutions" said the parties in a joint statement.

Mr Helgesen also discussed the country's  position in battery propulsion and autonomous ships, concluding that the cooperation with California will bolster the achievement of these goals.